Corkbook pt 1: Early question concepts, etc.

Contextualization of community practice

Networked learning

Topological economics

Tools for mapping resources

  • Identification of what constitutes resource

Identification of locality / meaning of which


How do we create/crowdsource (a) generalized model(s) of community practice/value creation that are translatable across contexts?

Can focused projects (under set of principles) generate understandings of social interactions from which economies resolve?

Timebanking as topological elicitation

pg 9: “The economist prefers to provide positivist analysis [“what is”] [conditions, cause + effect] in the decision-making realm.”


Non-human biological as an actualization of an abstract other (?)

Treat “natural” or nonhuman bio as special case, an instance of relational formation.

“Other” = general case


“Environment” as apprehended external, informative context


Turner – also does STS, developmental geography, pol. economy