Here you’ll find the development of a range of lines of thought that occur in my work. My current main project revolves around community economics, community practice, and elements of post-structural philosophy and complexity science. This is done in the context of a geography program. In the past I’ve worked in a theoretical ecology lab where I engaged with questions around notions of continuity, discontinuity, change, and transformation by bringing elements of ecosystem ecology and community ecology into coordination with Deleuze and similar thinkers.

One of the goals of this blog project is to demonstrate the construction of new thought. The process of development is as important as the developments themselves, and I encourage comment, criticism, and other forms of engagement. I’m also trying to rev this up as an open notebook for my PhD work.

The ideas expressed here are meant to be used and further developed by others. All I ask is that proper attribution be given and that I be informed.

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