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Corkbook, pt 9

inefficiency, welfare, potential, a life (Deleuze, immanence) denial of economization, the most efficient path inefficiency to generate everything we don’t expect to happen, joy of surprise, everything that might become but isn’t

Corkbook pt 8

The Shape of Alter Economics Manifestations of Currency Relations relations of local & global (globalization/localization) movement & form (particular manifestations & variation through transmission) Transversality stability/instability multitude mechanics & mechanisms behavior & action… Continue reading

Corkbook pt 7

Commons as plane of immanence   Various collapsed configurations in uneasy relation/resonance with each other, effort towards greater degrees of conjunction   Commons as claim   Precarity —> intensification of singularity/singular   precarity… Continue reading

Corkbook pt 6: some random, wanky, unpolished, and incomplete prose

The world we imagine is broken. It will always be broken. That is the nature of the world and thoughts of it. We form compositions in an effort to explain phenomena within the… Continue reading

Corkbook pt 5

Differences accentuate Tied together through currency weapons, numbers, precision Politics of organization/energization   How to form aggregate/conglomerate political entities that don’e deny individuality?   Channelization of exchange Adherence to unities   Difference Differentiation… Continue reading

Corkbook pt 4

Globalization –> strong efficient flow, enforce inefficiencies elsewhere, efficient exchanges create dependencies, centers able to effect more influence due to signal-generation, others too dispersed within sphere of activity/influence Sarte & the group? Guattari… Continue reading

Corkbook pt 3

[fall 2011] Contribution to a body of literature Lay disciplinary foundation Enfoldment & Infinity Merleau-Ponty Butler’s use of Zizek on disidentification Guattari’s Transversalities Assemblages

Corkbook pt 2

[fall 2011] Theoretical contribition <— leverage for funding Literature streams currency theoretics development/modernization localization Lay of land chapter —> plug into activist work Guitarri & Transversality Swyngedouw on Sub-Saharan Africa Jamie Peck How… Continue reading

Corkbook pt 1: Early question concepts, etc.

Contextualization of community practice Networked learning Topological economics Tools for mapping resources Identification of what constitutes resource Identification of locality / meaning of which   How do we create/crowdsource (a) generalized model(s) of… Continue reading

Spinoza: The multitude

The following is a collection of every statement concerning the concept of the multitude found in Spinoza’s Political Treatise. I have extracted the sentences that contain the term, but no surrounding sentences. As such,… Continue reading

Machiavelli: The multitude

The following is a collection of every statement concerning the concept of the multitude found in Machiavelli’s Discourses on the First Decade of Titus Livius. I have extracted the sentences that contain the term,… Continue reading

Video: Presentation at complementary currency conference

This past February I co-presented at the International Conference on Community and Complementary Currencies in Lyon, France. This was through my involvement in the Time For the World project ( Here is the… Continue reading