Monthly Archive: December, 2010

NSF Fellowship Proposal: personal statement

NSF fellowship proposal part 3 of 3. The story of me… This is a time of intense difficulty. Over the past five years we have witnessed increasing retrenchment of economic modes and institutions.… Continue reading

NSF Fellowship Proposal: research experience statement

NSF Fellowship proposal part 2 of 3. More things released into the underverse: I have spent the past three years contemplating collapse. In particular I have been grappling with how we understand continuous… Continue reading

NSF Fellowship Proposal: project statement

Part of my goals for this site is to have a place where works that would otherwise remain hidden and, consequently, unproductive can get a degree of exposure. Much of the work we… Continue reading

Event as resonance cascade, circa spring 2009

The following is an essay I wrote over a year and a half ago for a political geography seminar. At the time it was the culmination of my thinking on the concept of… Continue reading