On opening the notes

I’ve been meaning to use this blog for my open notebook for my dissertation and beyond. It’s not intended to just be focused on research notes and musings, but that’s part of it. The big challenge for me is to actually move things over from the many places I jot thoughts down to here. I actually don’g usually review my notes; I just let things slosh around in the wetware with the assumption that an idea will appear again if it’s a good one (or otherwise…).

But, I’m trying to do things different now. More methodical. More transparent. Let everyone into the mess, so to speak. Lay out the movement from rough sketches to something else.

Today I went through one of my notebooks (a small pocket one with a cork cover, hence “corkbook”) and transcribed in a series of posts everything that seemed like it has a chance of being relevant. I may actually go back into these pages/posts and use them as launching points for further development. At least, that occurred to me as I was transcribing everything.

For now (and always), though, these posts are collections of idea snippets, stacks of phrases and terms, very few actual sentences. There’s redundancy, unclear connections, and more all through these.

More notes will be posted in the coming days/weeks. Perhaps even some fully-developed (or at least developing) work, too.