Monthly Archive: November, 2010

On the question of ‘development’

I work on a time banking dissemination project called Time For the World. We are working on a paper for a complementary currency conference in February. There was a question about out use… Continue reading

Abstract to Resilience2011 Conference: Shear and feedback loss in central structures

Here is an abstract Preston and I submitted for the Resilience2011 conference this next spring. Title: Shear and feedback loss in central structures Abstract: Calving derived social structures: Upper level or centralized structures… Continue reading

Emergence as stress relief: some thoughts on power distribution and transformation

My friend Preston (twitter handle: @gl33p) and I are working on a series of projects all the time. One of the big conceptual ones focuses on theory of system behavior and development. We’re… Continue reading

Trophic incoherence in business strategy, preliminary thoughts.

Umair Haque recently wrote a column on business strategy that, in his style, seeks to disrupt conventional models of business activity in order to create a more meaningful economy. I highly recommend it.… Continue reading