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Money tears us apart

Accounting, taking account of, is what actually does this, but to the extent that money is an abstracted form of account (or a unit of), it fits the bill. (puns aplenty) I’m in… Continue reading

On opening the notes

I’ve been meaning to use this blog for my open notebook for my dissertation and beyond. It’s not intended to just be focused on research notes and musings, but that’s part of it. The big… Continue reading

WTF was Zizek (and Verso) thinking?: Part [too many to keep track]

I haven’t read that much of Zizek, the so-called most dangerous philosopher in the West, but what I have read doesn’t seem to live up to the hype. That said, I feel like… Continue reading

NSF Fellowship Proposal: personal statement

NSF fellowship proposal part 3 of 3. The story of me… This is a time of intense difficulty. Over the past five years we have witnessed increasing retrenchment of economic modes and institutions.… Continue reading

NSF Fellowship Proposal: research experience statement

NSF Fellowship proposal part 2 of 3. More things released into the underverse: I have spent the past three years contemplating collapse. In particular I have been grappling with how we understand continuous… Continue reading

NSF Fellowship Proposal: project statement

Part of my goals for this site is to have a place where works that would otherwise remain hidden and, consequently, unproductive can get a degree of exposure. Much of the work we… Continue reading

Event as resonance cascade, circa spring 2009

The following is an essay I wrote over a year and a half ago for a political geography seminar. At the time it was the culmination of my thinking on the concept of… Continue reading

Abstract to Resilience2011 Conference: Shear and feedback loss in central structures

Here is an abstract Preston and I submitted for the Resilience2011 conference this next spring. Title: Shear and feedback loss in central structures Abstract: Calving derived social structures: Upper level or centralized structures… Continue reading

Emergence as stress relief: some thoughts on power distribution and transformation

My friend Preston (twitter handle: @gl33p) and I are working on a series of projects all the time. One of the big conceptual ones focuses on theory of system behavior and development. We’re… Continue reading

Trophic incoherence in business strategy, preliminary thoughts.

Umair Haque recently wrote a column on business strategy that, in his style, seeks to disrupt conventional models of business activity in order to create a more meaningful economy. I highly recommend it.… Continue reading

Don’t impose your model on my narrative, man! or why hierarchies and networks are complementary

I often encounter a confusion in the understanding of hierarchies and networks. The former is assumed to have clear lines of leadership or oversight and the latter none. These are merely models for analyses of conditions, though, and not statements of material fact.

Thinking difference

In July, 2003, the 9/11 commission released its final report. In it, the commission stated “[t]he most important failure was one of imagination.” (Executive Summary, pg 9) Although mentioned in news reports at… Continue reading