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Money tears us apart

Accounting, taking account of, is what actually does this, but to the extent that money is an abstracted form of account (or a unit of), it fits the bill. (puns aplenty) I’m in… Continue reading

Call a spade a spade: on exploitation, coercion, and violence

Some of the work I do deals with community or complementary currencies. These days many people are offering different currency models in an effort to address failures* in the currencies, like the dollar,… Continue reading

Trophic currencies: ecosystem modeling and resilient economies

In early 2011 I presented with Stephanie Rearick, my colleague on the Time For the World project, at the International Conference on Community and Complementary Currencies in Lyon, France. You can find the video… Continue reading

Video: Presentation at complementary currency conference

This past February I co-presented at the International Conference on Community and Complementary Currencies in Lyon, France. This was through my involvement in the Time For the World project (TimeFTW.org). Here is the… Continue reading

Abstract to Resilience2011 Conference: Shear and feedback loss in central structures

Here is an abstract Preston and I submitted for the Resilience2011 conference this next spring. Title: Shear and feedback loss in central structures Abstract: Calving derived social structures: Upper level or centralized structures… Continue reading

Emergence as stress relief: some thoughts on power distribution and transformation

My friend Preston (twitter handle: @gl33p) and I are working on a series of projects all the time. One of the big conceptual ones focuses on theory of system behavior and development. We’re… Continue reading

Trophic incoherence in business strategy, preliminary thoughts.

Umair Haque recently wrote a column on business strategy that, in his style, seeks to disrupt conventional models of business activity in order to create a more meaningful economy. I highly recommend it.… Continue reading