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Video: Presentation at complementary currency conference

This past February I co-presented at the International Conference on Community and Complementary Currencies in Lyon, France. This was through my involvement in the Time For the World project (TimeFTW.org). Here is the… Continue reading

Abstract to Resilience2011 Conference: Shear and feedback loss in central structures

Here is an abstract Preston and I submitted for the Resilience2011 conference this next spring. Title: Shear and feedback loss in central structures Abstract: Calving derived social structures: Upper level or centralized structures… Continue reading

Don’t impose your model on my narrative, man! or why hierarchies and networks are complementary

I often encounter a confusion in the understanding of hierarchies and networks. The former is assumed to have clear lines of leadership or oversight and the latter none. These are merely models for analyses of conditions, though, and not statements of material fact.