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Video: Presentation at complementary currency conference

This past February I co-presented at the International Conference on Community and Complementary Currencies in Lyon, France. This was through my involvement in the Time For the World project (TimeFTW.org). Here is the… Continue reading

The Post-It Manifesto

Back in early 2011 our newly-installed governor decided to crush public employee unions as part of an austerity campaign. Many of us fought back. During the struggle, our state capitol was locked down.… Continue reading

NSF Fellowship Proposal: project statement

Part of my goals for this site is to have a place where works that would otherwise remain hidden and, consequently, unproductive can get a degree of exposure. Much of the work we… Continue reading

On the question of ‘development’

I work on a time banking dissemination project called Time For the World. We are working on a paper for a complementary currency conference in February. There was a question about out use… Continue reading