Corkbook pt 7

Commons as plane of immanence


Various collapsed configurations in uneasy relation/resonance with each other, effort towards greater degrees of conjunction


Commons as claim


Precarity —> intensification of singularity/singular


precarity as product of economized/monetized relations

linearized relations, eg capitalism as relations via unitary currencies


site as locus


precarity as removal of future ?

if precarity is the ever & always, future is as real & illusory as ever

Taylorist worker

“struggle” as formative process of “class”?


[more recent note: distinction in Greek thought/plato, etc of household as site of economization, uncertainty, labor to stay alive kept apart from polis, site of political activity, which couldn’t be in terms of life/death but transcendant to it; hide the precarity, defer it in order to create the image of a thought apart from existence, struggle; stabilization through deferring/occluding/eliding/holding off risk (2nd law, open-systems edition), vs. stability as steady state, lowest energy, cold death of the universe; precarity as difference, plane of immanence, everything at risk of coming together, tenuously, and to dissolve]