Corkbook pt 6: some random, wanky, unpolished, and incomplete prose

The world we imagine is broken. It will always be broken. That is the nature of the world and thoughts of it. We form compositions in an effort to explain phenomena within the world, but those break apart, unravel, displaying our ineptitude.

Our thoughts of the world are irreparably broken because the world is more than infinite. It is infinitely infinite., extending always beyond all horizons.

We may be able to contemplate this infinite, but we can’t functionalize it. In order to enact in the world we must reduce it. In our reduction we accentuate particulars and sever the rest. We establish a foreground, a background, and dissolve the rest.

[note: think about the discursive practice of establishing background before talking foreground, background giving rise to foreground object which differentiates from it, rathe than foreground giving rise to a contextual background in order to justify it.]