Corkbook pt 4

Globalization –> strong efficient flow, enforce inefficiencies elsewhere, efficient exchanges create dependencies, centers able to effect more influence due to signal-generation, others too dispersed within sphere of activity/influence

Sarte & the group?

Guattari in response

Transversality in Sarte’s Transcendence of the Ego

Guattari: “Transversality”

“The Group and the individual”

Turns Sartre’s account of the past to a future orientation, spatializes the temporal, renders the intersubjective

Kropotkin, Mutual Aid

xv-xvi: critique of the reduction of mutual aid to love/sympathy. Consider relative to discourses of timebanking, “love economy’, and the problem of the limits of the term. Love doesn’t extend universally, nor should it. Basis can’t be of love.

Katheryn Hayles, critique of cybernetics